Turn Your Art From 2D To 3D

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What does it include?

Why digitalise my art into a NFT?

Take your artistic vision to the next level.

From swirling brushstrokes to flashing colors, your physical artwork becomes a dynamic, immersive digital experience. Engage your collectors in a way never seen before.

Co-create with industry-leading creatives.

A personalized team of expert animators, technology gurus, and art aficionados will bring your vision into the digital future.

Create More Value

Double the value of your original artwork with a digital version that can be minted into an NFT. Captivate a new global market of crypto art collectors.

How it works

Metasurreal makes digitalising art your artworks fast, easy and fun. Here's how:

Step 1: Vision Quest

We’ll start with a one-on-one discovery call about your artistic vision, and we won’t hang up the phone until we’ve explored every exciting possibility. 

Step 2: Digital Metamorphosis

A personalized team of expert animators, technology gurus, and art aficionados will bring your vision to life— turning your physical artwork into a dazzling digital NFT masterpiece.

Step 3: Your New Magnum Opus

Your physical artwork has officially entered the digital universe—and that’s just the beginning. From there, we offer you expert advice on next steps from NFT minting to hyping up your newfound community of NFT collectors online.

Artist Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it - artists around the world are blazing new creative trails with the help of Metasurreal. Here's what they have to say about it:

Christopher Obetz, Pop Art CR

Artist who pioneered pop art golf and worked as Andy Warhol's studio assistant

“Such a talented team! The Metasurreal team helped me turn my physical artworks into digital animated NFTs. They've been displayed during the Ravielli Rediscovered Exhibition at the Augusta Museum of History during the Masters Tournament this year. Just wow! People of all ages are stunned by the digital animations Metasurreal helped me make.”

Russell Jones

Founder of Studio Pythia, a London Art Collective

“Working with Metasurreal was awesome from start to finish! Their ability to enable a complex creative vision with tight timelines and with great communication was exactly what we needed to get our product out to a new market. Highly recommended!”

Monika Reyes

Frida Kahlo Inspired Artst

I saved time so I could focus on creating my art while Metasurreal takes care of all the rest. Metasurreal helped me see the huge range of possibilities for artists in the NFT space.

Your questions,

What if I don't like the animation? Can I get a refund? 

Unfortunately due to the customised nature of the product, we won't be able to refund. But we do offer 2 revisions included in the animation pricing. To ensure that animation is done with your art in mind, we also have a discovery call in the beginning about your artwork before the animation begins - it's important that you convey to us your vision for your artwork & specify what you would and wouldn't like in the animation, so that our team would produce something of your liking. 

How do I mint the NFT?

We will provide you with a comprehensive NFT minting guide, listing some marketplace options, pros and cons for each option.

How do I market my NFT Collection? 

We will send you a guide for you to learn about the basics of marketing a NFT collection. We also run a digital marketing agency https://surrealdigital.co.uk/ that helps with marketing your art collections.