How to turn a painting into an NFT?

Thanks to the NFT boom, it is now possible to convert your art to NFT, and even be able to generate income from it.

If you are reading this and you are an artist with years of experience, even if you are new to the art world, you will know how difficult it is to make a living from your art. If you are a new artist, you will know that it is very difficult to sell your art and generate a constant income from it.

But, many new artists have found the solution in NFTs. Thanks to the fact that you can convert real art into NFTs, the buying and selling of art in the form of NFTs has become a new market.

The benefits of turning physical art into NFTs

Converting your art pieces brings many benefits, as we already mentioned, one of them is having more opportunities to sell your art.

Before the only way to sell your art pieces was to offer them directly to people, it was a very difficult way to make a living from art. Then, with the advent of the internet, new ways were created to be able to monetize your art. Internet sales began, and platforms were even created specifically to sell art.

Then, with the advent of NFTs and blockchain technology, NFT marketplaces started to fill up with wonderful pieces of art. The new generation of art sales, the NFTs, began.

But what is the difference between selling on an art platform and selling art in the form of NFTs? Well, the difference is that NFTs have much more benefits for the artist than any other platform.

Here are some benefits of selling NFT art:

Trust and security

As many people know, NFTs are sold on NFT marketplaces, these marketplaces are based on blockchain technology. This means that they are decentralized marketplaces, that is, they are not controlled by any entity.

Also, with blockchain technology, copyright and author rights are protected and no one can hack or steal anything from anyone. And all the holders that your NFT has will be registered and will be public.

More income

When you sell your art in the form of NFTs, you have two types of income.

The first income is when you sell your art piece for the first time. This transaction will be the payment that a person gives you in exchange for your art. Normally these payments are in the form of cryptocurrencies.

And the second income that you will have is for each sale that is made of your piece of art. Let's say you have already sold your art piece to a person who becomes the holder. When the holder sells your NFT to another person, from the value that is sold you as an artist will get a percentage of that sale, and this is every time your NFT is sold.

This second income is the best, since you will be receiving that second income without having to do anything.

Can you make a painting into an NFT?

Yes, if you have a physical painting, you can convert it to NFT. Sure, the process is long, but it's not difficult if you have the right tools.

Next we will show you how you can create your NFTs.

How to create a painting into NFT - Step by step

1. Digitize your painting

The first step is to digitalize your piece of art. Fortunately, digitizing a painting is much easier than digitizing a sculpture, but the process is almost the same.

In order to digitize your painting, you have to scan it. To scan it, it is advisable to look for a printing company that has a fairly powerful scanner. This is necessary so that the scanning is much easier and the painting does not come out with errors when digitizing it.

After scanning, it is recommended to have the image and edit the possible errors that it had when scanning. You will have to look for black spots or poor lines and edit them to make them look perfect.

2. Declare the work as unique

When you already have your digital painting, the next thing you have to do is protect your work with copyright.

There are several options that artists choose when going through this step:

Option 1 is to sell the physical painting along with the NFT in add-on form.

Option 2 is to start selling the NFT alone and remove the physical painting, or keep it but without any value.

Option 3 is to sell the physical painting together with the NFT but modify the NFT and add a gif or video to it, thus selling the physical painting and the NFT with an extra change.

You can choose any of these options and start selling your NFT.

3. Put it on the market

And the last step is to convert your image or video of your painting into an NFT, and start selling it on the NFT market.

For this, you have to create an account in an NFT market, such as OpenSea. When you have created your account, you will have to go to the “Add new item” option. When you are in this tab you will be able to upload your image or video and name your NFT. 

Then you just need to start learning How to sell NFT art, and you will start selling your art!

If you want to know how to mint NFTs, we recommend our article How to mint NFT art

Can any art be NFT art?

Yes. Any form of art could be an NFT. Anything from a physical painting to a sculpture, or an object from a video game or video, could be turned into NFTs.

How Digitalizing Art Into NFTs can increase your revenue streams

As we mentioned before, selling your art in the form of NFT benefits you more than selling it in physical form.

One of the main advantages of selling your art in the form of NFTs is that you will have a flow of money for this. Unlike selling your art physically, which only gives you a one-time income. NFTs have the ability to give you a percentage of each sale made from your NFT. This is the main attraction of selling your art in the form of NFTs.

Another reason is that selling your art in the form of NFTs is completely free. If you read the steps that we mentioned to upload your own NFT, you noticed that there is no fee for having your art in the market. And this is also beneficial as the audience is wider.


Selling your art in the form of NFTs is the best way to make a profit. If you sell your art in any other way, you will not get the income stream that you can get if you convert your art to NFT and sell it.

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