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What emotions was the artist feeling when he is trying to paint it?

What motivated or inspired the artist to paint, the way he does?

What social and historical changes was the artist experiencing at the time?

What was the artist thinking when he paints?

Why did he use this technique to paint rather than the other?

Why did he suddenly introduce certain elements that hadn’t been there before?

Why did he start painting differently?

These are the questions you’d explore when taking an art history class or listening to an audioguide in a museum while appreciating artworks.

But without the knowledge of these questions surrounding an artist and his process of painting, one can barely understand what goes on in a painting, let alone appreciating it.

A study finds that “the average visitor spends 15 to 30 seconds in front of a work of art” (The Art of Slowing Down in a Museum, New York Times, 2014)

Why do people spend hours on Netflix streaming, yet spend so little time in front of some of the greatest masterpieces in history? Especially when the story within a masterpiece is oftentimes as enriching and interesting as a Netflix series.

The answer is that the story behind the masterpiece is not accessible to all.

Most people don’t have the time or resources to explore the story behind paintings, to understand the historical and social contexts behind the artist and his paintings, or to have£25k+ to spend on an art history degree.

We believe that digital art & NFTs is here to change that.

Forget the hypes surrounding JPEGs and P2Ps NFTs.

We believe in a different version of digital art & NFTs.

The digital NFT that enlivens a physical artwork.

The digital NFT that makes people feel every shade of the color and every brushstroke in a physical artwork.

The digital NFT that takes the viewer into the mind of the creator and the process behind the creation.

The digital NFT that transforms a physical masterpiece into a captivating story that hooks people in.

The digital NFT that helps people notice the little details that make a physical painting great, without spending a fortune on art history courses or degrees.

The digital NFT that makes art accessible to all.

This is why we founded Metasurreal.

We are also on a mission to empower artists for the digital future through innovations.

To help them unlock new possibilities in their artworks through the newest technologies.

To use the power of digital technology to tell stories of their artworks in new ways through NFTs.

To help them create new phygical experiences for their existing collectors.

To make the stories of their art more accessible to the public.

Interested in turning your art into digital NFT masterpiece?
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